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Our expertise

We have a ten year experience in shooting photo, video and timelapse for both the public and private sector. With an average of four projects done each month, our skill set is ever growing. We also provide photo and video services for interior and exterior designers.
Our Clients

Our expertise in documenting construction while adhering to the safety requirements makes our products a preference for our clients who have been with us longer than Paragon has been in existence.

We stand out

Our keen attention to safety on site and our consistent ten years shooting projects across Kenya make us stand out from the rest. Our product is also unique and currently one of a kind in Eastern Africa.


Ever wondered how you can capture a long term or short-term construction project in 120 secs or less? Worry not we got you! We have documented long term construction projects ranging from 3 years to a month long. How? A simple photography technique our team of lapsers has mastered over time called timelapse photography and we’ve specifically tuned it to fit your next long or short-term construction project.


Visual content creators looking to add a little bit of spice and sauce to a visual narrative in an effort to take their story telling to another level have tried our timelapse shots. Why not try it in your next visual narrative?


Are you particularly meticulous, want to show a potential client your process and eventually a beautiful product or service? Probably it takes hours, days, weeks or even months? Worry not, our team of lapsers are patient enough to sit with you through it as you actualize your product or service and turn your process into an exciting 120 secs or even less video you can use to show to a potential client. Did we mention our company name is another word for “perfection”?


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, they’re not wrong. Our team of skilled photographers have spent thousands of man hours honing and perfecting their skill to a cool 10 years and counting between them just to freeze that moment for you. Be it architectural interiors, exteriors, documentary, commercial or even corporate work, the list goes on, our photogs have done it.


Be it commercials, corporate videos, documentaries, feature films, short films or tv shows. Our team is here to help you conceptualize, shoot and finally have a finished film based on your requirements tweaked to suit your budget and not forgetting to offer our creative input. We will take you through the three phases involved in actualizing a final film:
Pre-Production – Behind every visual story is a brilliant concept and eventually a compelling story. We live by the saying “story is supreme”.
Production – This is the actual filming as we turn black and white into beautiful moving frames.
Post-Production – They say this phase can either make or break a story. Our vast time spent behind monitors piecing a story to make it coherent has led us into designing an efficient workflow that enhances a story by carefully tying picture to sound. Some great film makers are known to say “Picture is seeing and sound feeling”.